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Hand-Crafted, Easy, and Affordable Custom Picture Framing in the Hudson Valley

25 years of experience in wholesale custom picture framing, Side Door Framing Supplies Inc. will help you tailor any frame bring your idea to life. Are you enhancing a living space, designing a hotel, or decorating model homes? Schedule an appointment today to customize your frame and style to fit your living space. Experts in the field of Fine Arts, Alex and Lesli Uribe will help display your personal or professional masterpiece. With a variety of customizable frames, stains, glazes, finishes and more, Side Door Framing Supplies Inc. has everything you need to fit you design and budget. Our custom art framing shop is located in Peekskill, NY we proudly serve the Hudson Valley and all surrounding areas including Putnam, Westchester County, Ulster County, Orange County, Dutchess County, Manhattan, and the metropolitan area.

What we offer


Fine Art Framing

As artists, we understand the care and detail that goes into every masterpiece. Artwork can mean so many things to so many people. You may be refining the last touches of your personal masterpiece, or perhaps it is something your child created. Maybe you are adding value to a true investment in your personal collection. Artwork has a special meaning for everyone. 

Our Mantra: You are as unique as your art. If it's important to you, it's important to us. We offer custom fine art framing throughout the 

Hudson Valley


Custom Frames for Photographers

Photographs are truly a captured memory. A moment in time. Turn those memories and moments into a piece that will last a lifetime.  Our quality materials, which include our matting, mounting and glazing options, can protect fragile photography from fading, discoloration or tearing. Whether you are looking for a frame company or custom frames for photographers, wholesale frames for professional photographers or custom framers for a personal project call us at 914-737-4118.


Wholesale Custom Frames and Mats

Custom framing can be tailored to the style of your offices and industry. Large and small scale projects for traditional, innovative, on-trend, and professional style. Whether you need wholesale frames for artists or wholesale frames for photographers or interior designers, we offer wholesale frames and mats at a discounted price. 

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Custom Frames

From cherished posters of festivals, concerts, and events to prints of your favorite piece of art, Side Door Framing offers custom poster frames near me in Westchester County, NY. 

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Custom Mirror Framing

Custom mirror frames can turn a practical mirror into a creative reflection of your personal style. Let your design expertise shine through by turning ordinary into extraordinary. We offer custom framed bathroom mirrors, custom wood framed framed mirrors, and much more!

Custom art framing near me

Memorabilia & Special Occasions

The very nature of memorabilia is to evoke a loving memory from times past. From custom picture frames for awards, sports jerseys, stamps, puzzles, foreign currency, ticket stubs, concert posters or childhood milestones, our professional framing services will keep your wonderful memories alive. Once-in-a-lifetime keepsakes need to last a lifetime. 

Common Items for Special Occasions• Diplomas• Awards• Weddings• Baby Showers

When you are looking for custom framing near me, call us at 914-737-4118